Offering the Power of Pedigree and the Proof of Progeny

We breed for champion alpacas with fine fleece.
Our heritage of top class genetics is outstanding — sourced from New Zealand, Australia and USA


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Silk Master

New Zealand Southern Parody

Aquaviva Titus

New Zealand Southern Black Adder

New Zealand Southern Bellini

New Zealand Southern Shady

Patagonias Maipo

Hemiccoyo Tiberius

Stud services


Benefit from a part or full season lease on one of our studs, or form a group in your area to host one of our studs for a stud tour.

Studs for Sale

We have a selection of young males available from these top lines for sale as studs. Some are already proven, with cria on the ground.

Live Birth Guarantee and Re-mate Policy

For most full-fee matings in the Dordogne area we offer a live birth guarantee. We may be able to extend this to other geographic areas, depending upon the availability and location of the stud or if the female returns to our base farm.

Our live birth guarantee is the offering of a free stud service with the same stud if the dam does not have a viable cria.

Southern Alpacas Stud will offer a free return service if:

  • cria is not born (absorbed, retained CL etc) or
  • cria is born dead (premature, still born, dystocia etc) or
  • cria is born with congenital issues (very rare, vet evidence required)

Conditions apply

Every care has to be taken of the dam, and the cria, before and during birthing. It will be at our discretion whether we extend a free return service if a full-term, healthy, cria is born alive and dies in the next few days. We do expect due care to be taken of cria and dams.

The live cria guarantee will be honoured after a post mortem certificate signed by a vet confirms that the loss was not due to avoidable circumstances. Free return stud services are to be taken as soon as possible after the female is ready for re-mating, and should not be deferred to later seasons.

This return service is generally not transferable – it is for the same dam and the same sire. In some instances, due to the planned future location/s of the stud, a live birth guarantee may be offered with a different stud.

Should the female have a health problem which means she is unable to retain her pregnancy, then another female may be able to be substituted, subject to mutual agreement. Free returns and live birth guarantees cannot be undertaken in the event of the death of the female.